Justice Bridget Mary McCormack

Michigan Supreme Court Justice

"I am honored to support Erane Washington for the 14B District Court. Erane Washington's legal experience is deep and broad, having represented hundreds of clients in our courts over her career. She understands how important our District courts are to our communities. Erane is committed to serving the people who come to her courtroom with dignity and respect, finding ways to help them solve problems every day."

Erane Washington is my choice for the 14B District Court Judge because she has the experience and values to serve the residents of Ypsilanti Township. 

She has extensive litigation experience, which should be expected of any trial court judge.

Erane has practiced in front of me, as well as many of my colleagues on the bench, which makes it no surprise that she has been endorsed by so many judges, including Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack.  We all know that she will be an asset to Ypsilanti Township

"Erane Washington would make an excellent Judge for the 14-B District Court. From its beginning 14-B has always demonstrated a commitment to resolving conflict in a humane way.  Erane Washington understands the principles of restorative justice and will implement them from the bench.  She has my full support."

Judge Timothy P. Connors

Washtenaw County Circuit Court

Peacemaking Court

Judge Carol A. Kuhnke

Chief Judge of Washtenaw County

Circuit Court & Chief Judge of 14A

District Court


I have known Erane since her bar admissions swearing-in ceremony in 1993 and I've witnessed her tremendous growth over the years.  As a District Court Judge, I am acutely aware of the importance of the district courts to the community.  Therefore, I know Erane brings the intellect, skills, and compassion to make a real difference in Ypsilanti Township.  I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.

Judge J. Cedric Simpson

14A-2 District Court Judge

"I have had the honor of serving the people of Washtenaw County for the past eleven years. During this time, I have been committed to a vision of a Sheriff’s Office that contributes to the building of strong and sustainable communities by creating public safety and contributing to county systems that support those in need. This vision is only attainable if the entire criminal justice system is aligned toward this common purpose. I believe in a criminal justice system that supports individuals with mental health and/or substance misuse disorder, not a system that unnecessarily places them in jail. My vision for the future of the Washtenaw County Criminal Justice System includes justice partners that share my commitment to the values of:  justice and equity.  That is why I am supporting Erane Washington for District Court Judge. "

Jerry Clayton

Washtenaw County Sheriff

"I believe Erane Washington will be an excellent Judge in the 14-B District Court, here in Ypsilanti Township. She is not only qualified for the position, and active in the community, but she genuinely cares about everyone being treated fair and equal in our justice system.  As an elected official in this community, I am humbled to have the opportunity to fully support and endorse Erane Washington as our next Judge!"

Jimmie Wilson Jr.

Ypsilanti Township Trustee

"I have been the elected Superior Township Treasurer for the past 23 years and I have known Erane Washington for almost as many years.  She is a woman of true character.  She is honorable, trustworthy and fair.  Her integrity and kindness will serve her well in the 14B District Court.  She will be an excellent Judge and I am delighted to endorse her. "

Brenda McKinney

Superior Township Treasurer

"This is an easy endorsement.  Erane has prior experience working in the judicial system that will allow her to immediately benefit the community.  In addition, she has worked as a private attorney representing those in need and appreciates what the judicial process means to citizens, giving them access to justice."

Mayor Dominic Hamden

City of Milan

“I am proud to endorse Erane Washington for 14B District Court Judge. Erane Washington will prioritize civil rights and ensure that every individual is treated with dignity. Erane will work to improve the health and safety of our community through restorative justice practices and greater use of mental health diversions. I have witnessed Erane’s years of public service to the Ypsilanti community and I know she will make an outstanding judge.”

State Senator Jeff Irwin

“District courts are our community courts.  We need judges who understand the needs of that community and are determined to address them. Erane has the extensive experience, temperament and compassion that you want to see in your local judge. She is a dedicated public servant who has spent her entire career working hard to help people in some of their most challenging times. Erane is committed to using problem solving courts and restorative justice to reduce recidivism and incarceration, and keep our community safe. That is why I’m supporting Erane Washington for 14B District Court Judge.”

Judge Anna Frushour

14A-3 District Court Judge

Judge David Perkins

Wayne County Probate Court

Judge Shauna Dunnings

Ingham County Probate Court

Judge Shelia Johnson

Chief Judge 46th District Court

Judge Donald E. Shelton

Washtenaw County Circuit Court (Retired)


Judge Betty Widgeon

14A1 District Court (Retired)

Judge Nancy Wheeler

Washtenaw County Probate  Court (Retired)

Professor Sam Bagenstos

Past  Michigan Supreme Court

Judicial Nominee

Jason Morgan

Chair of the Washtenaw County Commission

Sue Shink

Washtenaw County Commisioner

Katie Scott

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Andy LaBarre

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Felicia Brabec

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Mark Bernstein

University of Michigan Regent

Stephanie White

Former Executive Director

Equality Michigan

Michael Steinberg

Professor, University of Michigan, Former Executive Director, ACLU

Other Highlighted Endorsements

Evan Pratt

Washtenaw County Water

Resource Commissioner

Simone Lightfoot

Ann Arbor School Board Trustee

Larry Kestenbaum

Washtenaw County Clerk

Heading 5

Adam Zemke

Former State Representative

Delphia Simpson


Jon Ichesco

Retired Ypsilanti Fire Chief

Maymette Dolberry

Minister, Brown Chapel AME Church

Leigh Greden

Chief of Staff & Attorney

Jennifer Grieco

Attorney & Partner, Alito Law

Barb Fuller

Washtenaw County Road Commissiner

Alma Wheeler Smith

Former State Representative, Member Michigan Civil Rights Commission

Alex Thomas

Community Activist/Producer of the Alex Thomas Show

Dr. Celeste Hawkins

Ypsilanti Community Schools Board Member

Angie Martell

Attorney, Iglesia Martell Law

Joann McCollum

President, New West Willow Neighborhood Association

Travis Radina

Community Activist

Conan Smith

CEO, Michigan Environmental Council

Doug Scott


Pastor Rodrick Green

Washtenaw County Road Commissioner

Alyshia Dyer

Former Washtenaw County Deputy Sheriff

James Fink

Attorney, Former Washtenaw County Sheriff  Commander, City Attorney

Annie Somerville

Ypsilanti City Council Member

Susan Longsworth


Maggie Bayless

Owner, Managing Partner at ZingTrain

Janis Bobrin

Past Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner

Melvin Parson

We the People Grower's Association

Lois Richardson

Ypsilanti City Council Member

Larry Nolan

Past State Bar of Michigan President

Susan Baskett

Ann Arbor School Board

Rita White

President, Black Women Lawyers

Walter White


Gillian Gainsley

Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education Trustee

Judge Wanda A. Evans

Wayne Count 3rd Circuit Court

Pastor Larry Davis


Greg Dodd


Robyn McCoy


Chris Savage

Community Organizer, Publisher of Eclectablog, Co-host of GOTMFV Show 

Lori Buiteweg

Ann Arbor Attorney

Kimberley Ward

President of the D. Augustus Straker Bar Associatrion

Kelechi Akinbosede

Immediate Past President of the Vanzetti Hamilton Bar Association

Wendy Woods

Former Ann Arbor City Council Member

Victor L. Lillich


Thomas O. Moors


Jacqueline Reed

Business Leader & Court Reporter

Chris & Paul Tait



Dana A. Thompson

University of Michigan Clinical Professor of Law

Bill Worzel & Leslie Sobel


Ingrid Ault

Community Activist

Guy Conti


Bryan L. Johnson

President, Ann Arbor Schools Board of Education

Pastor Greg Cannon

Fresh Start Church

Fred Lucas


Minister Timothy Burroughs

Morgan McGovern

Ypsilanti Township Community Leader

Suzanne Perkins

 U of M LSA

Dept. of Psychology


Derrick Jackson

Community Leader & Washtenaw County Sherriff Engagement Director

S. Joy Gaines

Criminal Defense Attorney

Bishop Dwight E. Walls

Prelude of Great Lakes Jurisdiction

Greater Shiloh Church of God in Christ

John "Jack" Gilbreath

Administrative Law Judge

Kenneth H. Walls

Senior Pastor/Founder

Dunamis Institution of God in Christ Inc.

Mark Jane


Urenia Johnson


Steve Wilcoxen

Ypsilanti City Council Member Ward 2

Anthony Williamson

Community Leader & Part-Time Lecturer

Alethia J. Battle

University of Michigan Health System Probate  Judicial Liasion

Dan Ezekiel

Washtenaw County Parks and

Recreation Commission Member

Hazelette Crosby

President of the Ypsilanti Township

Civil Service Commission & 

President of the Michigan Center for

Youth Justice Board of Directors

Robin M. Campbell

Executive Assistant & Business Owner

Ashton Justice

Her World Intitiative President,

Board of Directors

Richard Griffin

President, CEO, Rickstar Financial

Judge Karen Braxton
Third Circuit Court Judge

Nate Frazier

Community Activist/Talk Show Host

Continued Legal Endorsers

Additional Community Leaders

  • Anne Bannister

  • Tyrone Bridges

  • Hedieh Briggs

  • Anne Brown

  • Pastor Denise Brown

  • Pastor Roger Brown

  • Roderick Casey

  • Linda Crawford

  • Pastor Joe Nathan Crout

  • Tyrone Currie

  • Dianne Curry

  • James Daniels

  • Angela Davis

  • Jack Eaton

  • Stan Eldridge

  • Bryan Foley

  • Charles Gillespie

  • Bishop Harry Grayson

  • Pittsfield Supervisor Mandy Grewal

  • Leah Gunn

  • Pastor Bill Hailes

  • Mary Hall-Thiam

  • Dr. Sandra Harris

  • Dr. James Hawkins

  • Pastor James Hendrick

  • Professor Justin Hodge

  • Joyce Hunter

  • Heather Jarrell-Roe

  • Keith Jason

  • Latitia LaMelle-Sharp

  • Sharon Lee

  • Lisa Lewis 

  • Pecola Lewis

  • Greg Lockridge

  • Nora Martin

  • Diana McKnight-Morton

  • Brenda Meadows

  • Anthony Morgan

  • Anne Savage

  • Patricia Scribner

  • Amy Seeto

  • David Streeter

  • Joe Summers

  • Ken Schwartz

  • Khadija Wallace

  • Kathy Wyatt

  • Christina Bailey

  • Sheila Blakney

  • David Blanchard

  • Lorne Brown

  • Stefani Carter

  • Rob Dawid

  • Toi Dennis

  • Lynn D'Orio

  • Chad Engelhardt

  • Jennifer Engelhardt

  • Karen Field

  • James Fifelski

  • Shayla Fletcher

  • Michael Friese

  • S. Joy Gaines

  • Jim Gallagher

  • Samantha Graney-Cain

  • Matthew Jane

  • Sheila Johnson

  • Erika Julien

  • Robert Killewald

  • Anthony Kendrick

  • Marsha Kraycir

  • Doug Lewis

  • Marla Linderman

  • Nik Lulgjuraj

  • Reid McCarthy

  • Robert McCoy

  • Brad MeLampy

  • Kim Moore

  • Randy Musbach

  • David Nacht

  • Gina Novesky

  • U. Ashwin Patel

  • Terrance Quinn

  • John Reiser

  • Gayle Rosen

  • K. Orlando Simon

  • Ryan Sweeney

  • John Vella

  • Angela Walker

  • Rita White

  • Walter White

  • Anna Widgeon

  • James Widgeon



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